New Year Resolutions

  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Find a girl and give her all she deserves
  • Travel
  • Try not too be too controlling with life. Sometimes I need to just let things happen
  • What is meant to be, will be
  • Don’t take everything so seriously
  • Brace myself for a crazy (in a good way) year!


It is what we all want. No matter how tough, painful and difficult the road ahead will be, we all just want things to be brought to a close. It may be ugly or better than you expected but by bringing things to a proper end, we can all move on without resenting that other person and feeling anger or even hatred towards them. 

They may have found another person, they may not want to be in a relationship anymore, they may have realized that they only care for you as a friend and they may have realized that they have nothing left to give you. 

Whatever the reason is, it will always hurt to break someone’s heart and to get your heart broken. You don’t necessarily have to throw away everything they gave you or every piece of evidence that you were together. It might help, but it’s the mental feeling and how you deal with emotions that will really help you move on and find it within you to stand up on your own with your head high and ready to take over the world (this could be interpreted both literally and not so literal).

Know this. If you tried and gave it all your best and the other person didn’t give it back to you, don’t be mad at them. You might have known that they weren’t the one for you anyway, and that is perfectly okay. Perhaps we all hold on because of this thing called ‘hope’. But you can’t force any feelings to be formed. 

You deserve to give someone your effort and return it the exact same way as you gave it to them. You deserve for someone to make you happy just the way you make them happy. You deserve to love someone and they love you just as much back.

It takes time to heal and there will be no better feeling when you wake up that very day realizing that you are over that person and you have completely fallen in love with someone you know deserves your time and effort, because they give the same back.

If you know it will lead to problems…why do you still do it?!

Scenario: You have a girlfriend who cares about you a lot. You tell her that  “you dont want to know what happens when I get drunk because it comes with other things”. Ok, way to make your girlfriend feel secure and trust you in a relationship. You deserve a high five in the face.

What I will never understand is how people know that things can happen when under the influence of alcohol and yet they still continue to do it. What’s worse is that they know it can affect a relationship. Why the hell would you EVER do that?! What makes you think it’s ever okay? Because to them it seems like you want to go out and make out or even sleep with other people. 

I will not give a shit if you call the next day saying you did something and that your reason was because “I was drunk”. That is a pathetic excuse in my opinion because you knew what would happen beforehand and it just makes the other person lose a lot of respect and trust. Begging for forgiveness isn’t exactly a charmer either because you will never change. Both of you know that. your girlfriend doesn’t deserve to be paranoid every time you are out with you friends, if you’re even with friends because if they put their trust and effort into a relationship, they expect the same back. I guess some people take that for granted when they become too content.

And to say that  “you dont want to know what happens when I get drunk because it comes with other things” absolutely pisses me off. 

It’s plain and simple. You don’t have to drink water all night but if you know it can get a step too far, get a fucking grip and self-control and don’t risk it. You will not like what happens after, that is a guarantee. 

The Best Things Pre, During and Post Concert


1. When you buy your tickets weeks in advanced and mark the official date on the calendar

2. Getting excited the moment you step in the entrance and checking people out to see the crazy variety of people who came to see the same singer/band

3. Getting there 8 hours early for your favorite band and finding it was worth the wait because you are centre stage and front row

4. Finally entering the arena and you already get excited seeing the singer/band banner on stage

5. Testing of sound and lights

6. Singing along to the music they play before the show starts

7. The random moment where a chant of the artist starts

8. Guessing what songs they will start and end with

9. When the background music stops, everything goes dark and everyone screams at the top of their lungs with excitement


1. The moment you lay your eyes on the artist. Even if you are so far back you need a telescope, seeing them magnified ten times on the screens, you still go mental.

2. When you feel a sudden push from the crowds (this isn’t necessarily the best thing)

3. When the artist attempts conversations with the audience

4. When they do an arrangement of a song that is different from the CD, especially the slower songs.

5. When they steal someone’s camera and take a picture of themselves on it…only a 0.000000001% chance of this person being you, but still.

6. When they pick people to go on stage.

7. That really annoying but effective ‘prank’ they pull when they thank everyone and you think it’s the end of the show…but then they come back on stage for one or two more kick ass songs that ‘they definitely have to sing’.

8. Seeing how passionate they are about what they do and how grateful they are for all their fans.


1. When you leave the arena still singing their songs

2. When you sing their songs and you find yourself singing their songs for the next three weeks

3. You can’t get over how amazing/awesome/mind blowing/effing awesome the concert was

4. Overpriced but so-worth-it-at-that-moment merchandise

5. Putting their songs on your playlist on your ipod

6. Posting all the pictures on facebook about how awesome the concert was

7. When you are pleasantly surprised that your video recording sound isn’t distorted

8. It never felt so good to lose half your hearing, constant buzzing in your ear for days and your voice all at the same time.

9. You will never forget the feelings and moments you had during the concert


Orchestral Broadway with The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is set to perform classic Broadway numbers where audiences can tap their feet, hum, whistle and even sing at the top of their lungs along to the recognizable tunes. Conducted by Gerald Steichen, the two-day concert is completed with the talented vocals of Lisa Vroman (Soprano), Gary Mauer (tenor) and William Michals (baritone).  What more can you ask for than to have a mixture of Broadway classis in one concert? With timeless classics including Phantom of The Opera, The Sound of Music, Oklahoma!, Wicked, Les Miserables and the list really does go on forever, be sure to warm up your vocal chords so you can sing-along with your favorites.

The concerts will take place on Friday 25th January and Saturday 26th January 2013 at 8pm at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall.

Purchase your tickets now before they are sold out at all urbtix ticket outlets or book online at